Benefits of The Apple: The Fruit for Better health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” says one of the expert. The apple has multiple health benefits. If you want to know all the nutritional properties of the apple and some recipes to combine it into your menu, do not miss this article.

health benefits of Apple

It is one of the most consumed fruits in the whole world. There are plenty of varieties and flavors are cultivating now a day.  Because it offers for its adaptability and resistance to different climates. The Fuji, the Golden, the Reineta, the Pink Lady or the Royal Gala are some types of apples that you can enjoy as natural fruit or add them to your delicious and well-seasoned dishes. Here are some recipes with this healthy fruit so you can take advantage of all their health benefits.

Apple benefits

Nutritional properties of the Apple

The apple contains vitamins (A, B and C), soluble and insoluble fiber and potassium. But it stands out mainly for its supplying of phytochemicals and flavonoids such as quercetin (a natural antioxidant). It is also the fruit that contains more fructose. Precisely because of its glucose content. It is a satiating food that helps control hunger better in slimming diets and has only 50 calories. It is also recommended for people with diabetes because it promotes the control of blood glucose levels. Also, its enrichment of pectin (soluble fiber) helps control cholesterol and regulates intestinal transit, both in cases of diarrhea and constipation.

So if you take pieces without skin (pulp), it functions as Astringent and anti-inflammatory. If you take to eat along with Apple skin, it relieves constipation problems.

A variety for every taste and dish

Besides being able to eat raw fruits, it is also fermented to make alcoholic beverages such as Asturian cider or French Calvados. Also, as you have seen, is the perfect ingredient for desserts and sauces with meats or even salads, the trick is to choose the right variety for each use.

Do you want to know how the most popular apple classes differ?

    • Gala apple: It stands out for its color between yellow and orange, its juiciness and its crunchy consistency. It has a taste of sweet and sour. From New Zealand, the best months for consumption are between August and September.
    • Granny Smith apple: It is an Australian origin. It is one of the most acidic varieties of the market and very juicy. Intense green color characterizes it, and in the kitchen, it has multiple uses among them, for the preparation of cakes and mousses and raw salads.
    • Fuji Apple: Basically it is from Japan. It differs by its red and yellow colors. It has a delightful flavor and a soft texture, making it ideal for confectionery or its natural consumption.
    • Golden Apple: It is a golden yellow color. This variety has a remarkable acidity and is rich in sugars. When ripe it becomes more mealy and is ideal for the preparation of cakes and biscuits.
    • Reineta Apple: of French origin is of a greenish and yellowish color. It is juicy, bittersweet and aromatic, perfect for cakes and compotes.
    • Apple Pink Lady: created in Australia from the crossing of Lady William’s and Golden Delicious, it is consumed during the winter and has an acid taste. It can be eaten raw or accompanied, for example, with foil or with smoked and marinated fish, as well as in applesauce for roasted meats or game birds and corral. Also as an accompaniment to cheeses, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Remember to take apples in a regular and balanced diet in which there are all kinds of foods and in which you follow healthy guidelines like these.

Source:  10 Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

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