7 Best Coffee Alternatives for more Health and Energy

Are you addicted to coffee? Do you know what is not entirely healthy? Well, we offer you a list of the best coffee alternatives that are natural and that will not stress you if you end up abusing them. Therefore, you know what to take in those work breaks.

coffee alternatives

Although drinking coffee has many health benefits, it is also true that it is not entirely healthy and, while it usually keeps you awake and active to do your job correctly, it is not good once we want to rest after the hard day. If you are a lover of healthy life and want natural remedies to replace coffee, we present seven alternatives that you should try because they tend to work quite well.

Seven Coffee alternatives for more energy


In these lines, we offer you the best alternatives to coffee to change your lifestyle and make it even healthier.

1. Teeccino

It is perhaps one of the best-known coffee substitutes, especially in English-speaking countries. It is a substitute for coffee with an extensive list of flavors and that even tends to have a flavor almost traced to coffee, but without being so. One of its benefits is that it is loaded with a prebiotic known as inulin, a natural soluble fiber that helps maintain proper intestinal flora.

2. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps people relax, relieve stress and benefit from sleep. Although it is not an ideal drink to drink before work, it is recommended if your coffee consumption is somewhat sick, since it helps to relax. Many experts and even science maintain that chamomile is the best remedy to combat stress.

3. Ginger tea

This tea can help improve digestion. Unlike chamomile, ginger tea can give you a good boost in the morning and above it tastes excellent when hot. This tea also helps reduce inflammation and helps those who have joint problems.

4. Kombucha

Maybe more thought for the soda fans and not so much for the coffee ones, but the Kombucha has a great variety of flavors. The combination of mild carbonation and sweet taste helps quench the thirst on a hot day and can prevent you from having a cup of coffee when you’re thirsty.

5. Mint tea

It has one of the most delicious flavors of all plants, and it can make you forget about coffee if you are using to having something hot every morning. Peppermint tea has a strong, pleasant flavor and is free of caffeine.

6. Coconut water

It has more potassium than a banana and less sugar than other juices, it is a way to take liquid calories, and on top of that, it is healthy. It is preferable to make it during lunch or mid-morning. If you are also looking for a way to replace electrolytes, it works well.

7. Rooibos tea

Another option free of caffeine. It is useful against the headaches you may have on a hectic morning of work. It has a tempting flavor and is sometimes included as the main ingredient in the many tea blends that exist.

These are the best healthy alternatives to coffee, and you can drink correctly at work and at home. If you are not interested in coffee, just try above coffee alternatives.

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